Gastronomic Getaway – New kid on the block Seagrille restaurant wows with tasty Thai and international favourites.


Luxury and laidback go hand in hand at Seagrille, and diners come casually dressed to this sophisticated restaurant. Part of five-star Celes Beachfront Resort, it’s a spacious, white-painted treat of a room, pleasingly empty of any clutter and fan-cooled, with its wide doors thrown open to the seascape just beyond. The decor is rooted in crisp, contemporary lines, and features plenty of blonde wood, giving it a light, bright and pleasant look. The architecture echoes a maritime theme, with the restaurant building itself channelling the sleek lines of a yacht hangar, while interior grace notes touch on nautical paraphernalia. It’s all about life by the sea, and is as chic as it’s understated, making it easy to sit back and relax. And that has to be one of the foremost points of dining out on a tropical island like Samui.

An equally relaxed space is to be found just outside the dining room. You can choose to be seated on the elegant terrace, and from there it’s just a few steps down to the sands themselves. Whether you’re sitting inside or outside, you’ll be able to enjoy views of Koh Pha-Ngan, rising up across the water. Seagrille’s definitely a getaway venue, with the beach being a fairly secluded and quiet spot. To the left an enigmatic, jungly headland pokes out to sea, while to the right there’s an uninterrupted beach that leads on to Fisherman’s Village – many guests like to walk there after their lunch or dinner, as it’s just 15 minutes away. As you can imagine, Seagrille is very much a vacationer’s dream, and the entire setting is a tropical idyll. But diners aren’t just turning up for the views or the atmosphere; they’re here because of the food.

SeagrilleThough this Bophut restaurant is newly-opened, it’s hit the ground running. The cuisine is inspired, top-notch and sumptuous. There are menus both for lunch and dinner, and you can feast on Thai and international foods to your
heart’s content. The range is deliberately varied, since the restaurant caters for guests from all round the world.

If you’re a fan of Thai food, you’ll find all manner of mouth-watering dishes, and all of them authentic. They’re elegantly presented and feature the freshest of ingredients, no matter what you choose. Produce is locally bought wherever possible, with quality farms ensuring great tastes. Fish is often locally-caught by the island’s fleet, and is quickly brought to the restaurant from the markets.

Try the outstanding tom yum goong yai, a traditional spicy soup with king prawn, lemongrass, galangal, chilli and herbs, or the pad ka-phrao gai, stir-fried chicken, beef with hot basil leaves – a delicious dish that’s beloved of Thais everywhere. There are plenty of Thai soups, curries and salads as well as mains. In addition to the well-known Thai dishes, you’ll also find traditional Samui cuisine too. Try the southern-style sour curry soup which comes with fish and mixed vegetables. There’s also a minced-beef wok, another curry, with the addition of green peppercorns, kaffir lime leaves and chilli. It’s quite fiery but spectacular in its tastes.

When it comes to international fare, you’ll be equally spoiled. A very wide choice awaits, and you’ll find plenty to please you from pizzas and pasta, sandwiches and salads, to mains that are decidedly appetizing. You can always count on
the best ingredients being used and portions that are on the generous side.

SeagrilleThe accompaniments are brilliantly presented and filled with taste. Just to give a single example: the rack of lamb comes with mashed potato that melts in the mouth, then there’s asparagus and baby carrots cooked so they’re at delightfully crunchy yet not hard. It’s altogether a very moreish dish.

Fish abounds on the menu, and diners enjoy dishes such as roasted salmon along with herbs and lemon zest served with artichoke and zucchini. Or there’s a delicious sea bass with roasted bell pepper sauce served with artichokes,
mushrooms and carrots. Equally, you’ll find jumbo prawns, tuna steak and roasted scallops on the menu. Seagrille, as its name suggests, is a haven for seafood lovers, and boasts a wide menu of fish from local waters and those further

SeagrilleDrinks at Seagrille are every bit as good as the food. You’ll find a whole range of wines that’ll elegantly complement just about any of the dishes; and there’s a range in prices too, making your visit an affordable one. Naturally, you’ll also
find beers, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks of every kind.

Seagrille offers the best of all-day dining. The generously long opening hours appeal to everyone, whether they’re a resort guest or dropping in for breakfast, which starts at 7:00 am, lunch or dinner. The restaurant finally closes at 10:30 pm. Seagrille is open daily, and children are naturally welcome here.

Staff are very professional and always friendly, genuinely concerned for their guests’ well-being. They can advise you of what to choose and if you’re opting for Thai food, you can let them know what degree of fieriness you’d prefer.

SeagrilleThroughout August, diners are taking advantage of a ‘special of the month’, an entire menu of select meat dishes that are bound to please both Asian and international tastes. Come and feast on a wonderful rack of lamb, or delicate slices of veal tenderloin, accompanied by a spicy Thai dipping sauce and fruit salad (and yes, that really does go well with tenderloin) or Thai-Chinese ‘radna’ sirloin, with the meat coming directly from prime sources in Australia. Kurobuta pork is also on the list. And for international tastes, what’s better than a burger? This one, however, is way, way beyond the usual greyed-out patty squished into the obligatory soft bun; it’s a luxury affair, and comes with dark and rich Wagyu beef, juicy layers of cheese and tomato on good bread and a wire basket of French fries. Incidentally, they don’t buy the meat for the burger pre-ground; they grind it themselves, on the premises; just one of the signs that they’re extremely dedicated to pleasing their guests.

SeagrilleThe nuanced flavours and fresh ingredients at Seagrille, the expertise of the chef and staff and the sheer beauty of the restaurant and its view, all make for a great meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. And thanks to its location, it’s
completely away from all the hubbub and busyness of the island’s main towns and tourist spots.

Dimitri Waring

For reservations or further information, telephone 0 7790 0999.