Italian Star – High over the sea Dr Frogs Bar & Grill offers all-day dining that’s every bit as awesome as the view.

Dr Frogs

Located right next to the foremost view point on the island, Dr Frogs wows with its beautiful views. Straight off, as soon as you walk in through the door, you’ll see a vast stretch of ocean. And if you go to the balcony, the entire stretch of coast up as far as the northern tip of Chaweng. The setting is a delight in itself, and enough on its own to guarantee the restaurant success. However, the team that runs it are dedicated to providing quality dishes, and it’s their dedication, over the years, that’s provided the deep-down success that Dr Frogs Bar & Grill enjoys.

First off, the restaurant opens at 7:00 am and provides one of the island’s most sumptuous breakfasts. A whole range awaits, with everything you could desire, from eggs any style to salmon. Then from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm, or later, depending on the number of guests, Dr Frogs serves its very eclectic all-day menu. Browse at length – there’s a lot here, and you’ll easily be able to find at least a half-dozen items that take your fancy. It’s like being in a well-stocked restaurant in Italy; nothing is missing and food is all fresh, whether vegetables, meats or seafood. Italian staples are shipped in, but wherever possible everything’s made from scratch. You’ll find a full range of pizza and home-made pasta with mouth-watering toppings. Try, for example, gnocchi with gorgonzola, walnuts and cream.

Dr FrogsThen there’s the popular selection of risottos, including the highly-recommended porcini, which has sautéed porcini mushrooms in white wine. For mains, try a hearty filet steak and jumbo tiger prawns, accompanied by French fries, mashed or sautéed potatoes.

There’s a whole range of other interesting dishes, and whether you’ve come for a light meal or something a lot more substantial, you’ll find it here. Incidentally, Dr Frogs also offers a full range of Thai dishes too, and has its own chef for Thai food. Sample a range of treats from just about everywhere in the nation, and order according to your tastes – ensure you tell your waitress the degree of spiciness that you’d like. In addition, come for lunch and you’ll be free to use the pool down below at Boujis Boutique Resort, a luxury hotel next door, and all part of Dr Frogs.

Dr FrogsGuest satisfaction springs not just from the food and the setting, but also from the attentiveness of the staff. Most of the team have worked together at Dr Frogs for a very long time. They’re attentive, and are on stand-by whenever you need them; no need to call out or indulge in arm-waving tactics – a subtle nod’s usually enough. They speak good English and you’re encouraged to make your needs known. They’re good with children too and are very family-focussed. They’ll customize the menu for even the pickiest of eaters – they’re used to doing this. And for the occasional chilly nights, they’ll even provide shawls for diners and will always ensure that everyone gets great treatment.

Heading the team is star chef Massimo Marianni, who was born and bred in Milan, and is well-known on the island both for his great food and his friendly approach. He has a passion for cooking, and delights in making both classic and contemporary Italian food. It’s a no-nonsense approach; there’s sophistication in his dishes, and even people who eat Italian all the time like to come to Dr Frogs.

Dr FrogsThe restaurant is also well-known for large scale catering for special events; groups come here to celebrate gatherings both corporate and family, as well as parties of all kinds, including of course, weddings. Thanks to having such ample space, Dr Frogs can cater for up to 100 guests for à la carte or sit-down meals. Weddings are incidentally held at Boujis Boutique Resort right by the sea in a beautiful and private setting.

Every Monday and Wednesday evening guests can enjoy live music performances by award winning artists, Nok ‘La Fiesta’ and Oliver Jones, which further adds to the convivial atmosphere and dining experience at this beautiful location.

Dr Frogs with its excellent menu and versatile chef offers affordable dining that’s way beyond the norms for Italian food. Come for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you’ll see exactly why this is one restaurant that people enjoy returning to again and again.

Dimitri Waring

For reservations or further information telephone 0 7744 8505.