Most Popular Spa Ingredients

Most popular spa ingredients

Start mentioning coconuts, lime, lemongrass, mint, papaya and honey, and most people will think you’re going to be talking about eating. But, these days, you might just be articulating about the intricacies of your recent spa treatment, as these edible items, and many more, are extensively used in the spa industry in its numerous natural spa products.  Here you will find a list of the most popular spa ingredients.

And at the end of receiving the treatments which have utilized them, not only will you be smelling good enough to eat but you’ll also have benefitted from their many healing and rejuvenating powers.

In our modern world, where we’re encouraged to use mass-produced chemicals to alleviate the symptoms of our various illnesses and general poor health, it’s refreshing to know that a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices can do the job just as well, if not even better. It’s probably something that our forefathers could have told us – if we would have listened!

Here are some of the  used ingredients in top spas around the world today, listing their individual healing and regenerative properties.


Aloe Vera spa ingredient

Aloe Vera

The jellylike substance within the spiky exterior is renowned for its healing properties. It soothes skin irritations caused by insect bites and sunburn, and helps remove skin blemishes. And although the outer-skin is harmless to touch, it’s poisonous when consumed. It is among the most popular spa ingredients.


Coconut Spa ingredient


Ubiquitous in Samui, the humble coconut has several uses in the health industry, adding to the countless other ways it provides for the community. Many sun lotions are coconut based, and while the thick white milk is used as a hair shampoo, the oil from mature fruits can be massaged into the hair giving it a healthy shine.


Cucumber Spa ingredients


One of the beauty industry’s favourite fruits, the cucumber is used predominantly for its cooling and revitalising properties. Great for treating oily skin, as it tightens the pores whilst moisturizing. Cucumber is another popular spa ingredient used for relieving sunburn.


Ginger spa ingredients


As a food additive, ginger provides more than just a distinctive flavour. It aids digestion and is prescribed extensively as a remedy for stomach and menstrual pains. Externally, it’s used for soothing aching muscles and for helping increase blood circulation.


Lime Spa ingredients


Used in Thailand and other parts of south-east Asia as a replacement for the non-available lemon, lime is used in food, medicine and many beauty treatments. Its high vitamin C content, and astringency work as a natural blood purifier making it among the most popular spa ingredients.


Lemongrass Spa ingredients


Again, a firm favourite cooking ingredient with Asian chefs, this common plant has medicinal abilities too. When consumed, it helps speed up a slow digestive system. And when used as an aromatic oil, lemongrass exudes a strong, lemony fragrance, which is excellent for clearing breathing tracts.


Mint most popular spa ingredients


Grown everywhere in the world, mint is best known for its taste. From tea to chewing gum, varieties of the plant have innumerable uses, and its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities make it a useful aid in purifying the blood too.


Most popular spa ingredients Pandanus


A common plant, found in many Thai gardens, the pandanus is an ingredient used in many oils and skin-care products. This is due more to its sweet and earthy aroma than to its medicinal qualities. It, too, can also be used as a tea.


Papaya most popular spa ingredients


One of the fastest growing plants in the world, the papaya is packed with vitamins – notably A and C – which help ease stomach complaints. Although the seeds can be harmful when ingested or rubbed on the skin, the flesh produces natural skin-exfoliating enzymes making it an ideal choice for helping to remove age-lines; especially around the eyes.


Turmeric Spa ingredients


Its powerful astringent and cleansing properties made turmeric a popular root in ancient times. And turmeric is still widely used today in many herbal tonics and body-scrubs.


Honey most popular spa ingredients


This natural substance, created by nature’s busy honey bee, has unique antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. And its additional ability to absorb and retain moisture makes it a favourite ingredient in skin care therapies designed to rejuvenate tired skin. Honey is often used to treat acne, too, and has even been used to treat diabetic foot ulcers, with great success.


Avocado most popular spa ingredients


Packed full of vitamins (A, B1 and B2, D and E) plus beta-carotene, potassium and lethicin, avocado’s a master of increasing the body’s normal level of collagen production, as it can deeply penetrate the skin, helping repair damage caused by exposure to the elements, and is even used in treating diseases such as eczema and psoriasis making it one of the most popular spa ingredients.