Prices on Samui

Restaurant koh samui

Prices on Samui

Here you will find comprehensive information about what to expect to pay for food, transportation, spa treatment, activities, excursions etc. during your stay on Koh Samui.

What can I expect to pay for things on Samui? So we’re often asked, ‘How much money do I need for my holiday on Samui?’ Well, how long is a piece of string? This depends entirely if you intend living large like a superstar, dining at fancy five-star restaurants, or living like a local and trying street food and roadside cafes. But, in order for you to plan your budget, we’ve compiled a list of what you can expect to pay for certain items, services and entrance fees so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Prices mentioned in “Prices on Samui” are estimates and intended as a guideline. We cannot be held responsible for different prices being charged to what is listed. This is not a comprehensive list of all there is to do on the island, but merely a taster to give you an idea on what you might pay.

Restaurants at high-end resorts usually add on 10% service charge and 7% VAT. Tipping at small roadside cafes or street food stalls is not the norm. At a mid-range restaurant, tipping is appreciated but not expected, and the amount is lower than in Western countries.

Backpackers & taxi koh samui


Hiring a vehicle yourself:
Scooter: 110 – 135 cc with clutch and manual gear change 100 – 150 baht/day
Scooter: 110 – 135 cc with automatic gears 140 – 250 baht/day
Honda PCX 150cc: 180 – 300 baht/day
Scooter 300cc – 400cc (Honda Forza etc): 270 – 400 baht/day
Motorcycle chopper-style 600cc: 600 – 1,000 baht/day
Motorcycle sports-style 600cc Ninja: 1,000 baht/day
Motorcycle Harley Sportster 1200 cc: 2,500 baht/day
Suzuki jeep 4×4: 600 – 900 baht/day
Toyota Vios saloon: 600 – 1,200 baht/day
Toyota Fortuner SUV: 1,200 – 2,000 baht/day
Petrol: about 35 baht/litre
Diesel: about 27 baht/litre

Costs of being taken for a ride:

Motorbike taxis: cheap and good for short distances: half the price of the taxis below, but haggle!
Meter taxi from Airport to Centara Grand Beach Resort Chaweng: 400 – 450 baht
Navigo online taxi (like Uber) from Airport to Centara Grand Beach Resort Chaweng: about 200 baht
Meter taxi from Centara Grand Beach Resort to Fisherman’s Village: 500 – 600 baht
Navigo online taxi (like Uber) from Centara Grand Beach Resort to Fisherman’s Village: about 280 baht
Meter taxi from Fisherman’s Village to Mae Nam Walking Street: 250 – 300 baht
Navigo online taxi (like Uber) from Fisherman’s Village to Mae Nam Walking Street: about 160 baht

Lomprayah Ferry to Koh Phangan (one way): 300 baht
Lomprahah Ferry to Koh Tao (one way): 600 baht
Seatran Ferry to Koh Phangan (one way): 280 baht
Seatran Ferry to Koh Tao (one way): 600 baht
Passenger ferry to mainland (Donsak): 120 baht per person
Car ferry to mainland (car plus driver): 420 baht

One-way flight to Bangkok with Bangkok Airways: 3,750 – 5,000 baht
One-way flight to Phuket with Bangkok Airways: 3,300 – 4,500 baht

Shopping koh samui

Basic items from a supermarket or fresh food market

Bread, white sliced: 27 baht
Loaf of multi-grain bread unsliced: 70 – 120 baht
Eggs per 12: 45 – 60 baht
Milk (pasteurised) 1 litre: 50 baht
Whole fried chicken: 120 – 180 baht
Apples 1kg: 60 – 140 baht, depending on season
Oranges 1kg: 50 – 100 baht, depending on season
Banana bunch: 30 – 55 baht
Watermelon red: 30 – 60 baht each, depending on season
Potatoes: 30 – 80 baht kg, depending on season
Yoghurt local: 12 baht
Yoghurt imported: 30 – 50- baht
Nescafe instant: 45 gms, 30 baht
Ground coffee: 250 gms, 150 baht
Quality coffee beans 250 gms 120 – 225 baht
Sugar granulated white: 23 baht/1 kg
Sugar brown or cane: 45 – 80 baht/1 kg
Budget wine, 70 cc bottle: 299 – 500 baht
Quality wine 70 cc bottle: 700 – 2,000 baht
Small bottle Thai beer: 39 baht
Large bottle Thai beer: 46 baht
Imported small beers: 80 – 200 baht
Thai rum/whiskey 70 cc: 300 baht
Coke can: 14 baht
Coke 1.25 ltr plastic bottle: 28 baht
Pack of Thai cigarettes: 40 – 65 baht
Pack of imported Marlboro cigarettes: 125 baht
Sunscreen Ambre Solaire 200 cc bottle: 600 baht
Mosquito repellent Sketolene with citronella from 7-11: 45 baht
Mosquito repellent Off! from pharmacies: 175 baht

Samui fine dining

Dining out at an upmarket restaurant

Dining at a quality International restaurant

Price for a starter: 150 – 300 baht
Price for a main course: 400 – 1000 baht
Price for a dessert: 120 – 300 baht
Pizza at a mid-range Western restaurant: 280 – 350 baht
Wine, bottle: 750 – 2,000 baht
Wine, glass 120 – 300 baht

Dining at a quality 5-star gourmet restaurant

Price for a starter: 250 – 800 baht
Price for a main course: 500 – 2,000 baht
Price for a dessert: 250 – 600 baht
Wine, bottle: 999 – 4,000 baht
Wine, glass 120 – 400 baht

Samui roadside cafeDining out at a Thai roadside café

Average price per dish: 50 – 80 baht
Chicken curry: about 70 baht
Chicken fried rice: about 50 baht
Rice: 10 – 15 baht

Samui street snacksStreet snacks

(Walking Streets; add at least 25%)

Chicken satay: 20 baht
Noodle soup: 40 – 50 baht
Portion of fresh fruit: 15 baht
Pancakes: 40 – 80 baht
Fried silkworm grubs: 40 – 50 baht a bag
Honey fried chicken wings: 30 baht
Honey fried chicken legs: 50 baht
Street burger: 60 – 150 baht
Huge German sausage in a bun: 120 baht

Prices alcohol koh samuiAlcohol

Note: wine is subject to a 300% luxury tax in Thailand: thus cheap wines are actually classified as grape juice and attract a lower tax, even though they are alcoholic.

Budget wine, 70 cc bottle: 299 – 500 baht
Quality wine 70 cc bottle: 700 – 2,000 baht
Small Thai beer 330 cc (Chang) from a supermarket: 39 baht
Large bottle Thai beer 500cc (Chang) from a supermarket: 46 baht
Imported small beers: 80 – 200 baht
Thai rum/whiskey 70 cc: 300 baht
Bottle 70 cc Thai or Vietnam rum/whisky/vodka from a supermarket 270 – 350 baht
Johnny Walker Black Label from a supermarket 70 cc: 1,600 baht
Jack Daniels from a supermarket 70 cc: 1,200 baht
Small local beer at a cheap local bar or restaurant: 60 – 80 baht
One glass of local whiskey with a mixer at a small bar: 80 – 120 baht
Small beer at an upmarket bar or restaurant: 80 – 140 baht
Cocktail at a walking street market: 50 – 100 baht
Cocktail at a mid-range restaurant: 120 – 250 baht
Cocktail at a high-end restaurant: 150 – 500 baht

Samui Kayaking

Entrance fees and activities

Jungle Tour 4X4 Safari: 2,300 baht/adult, 1,700 baht/child
ATV all-terrain off-road Quad Bike Safari: 2,100 baht/adult, 1,000 baht/child
Namuang Safari Park (several options): from 300 baht/adult, 120 baht/child; 400 baht for photo with elephant
Samui Go Cart Track: from 300 baht/adult, 150 baht/child
Samui Paintball: 999 baht per person, unlimited time. 1,200 baht if resort pick-up/return required
Samui Shooting Sports: 900 baht entrance then pay for ammunition starting at 80 baht per bullet
One hour Thai kickboxing instruction: 300 baht/adult, 200 baht/child
Canopy Adventure zip-lines: 2,200 baht/adult (with online booking discount), 1,100 baht/child
A round of mini golf: 400 baht/adult, 200 baht/child
A round of football golf: 750 baht/adult, 350 baht/child
18 holes of ‘real’ golf at Santiburi Country Club including caddy and cart: 5,600 baht
9 holes of ‘real’ golf at Santiburi Country Club including caddy and cart: 2,800 baht
A day boat trip on the Naga to the Angthong National Marine Park: 4,300 baht/adult, 2,500 baht/child
A day trip kayaking in the Angthong National Marine Park: 3,000 baht/adult, 2,000 baht/child
Hiring a kayak: 200 – 300 baht/hour
A private 3-hour ‘sunset cruise’ on a 33ft. luxury catamaran: 12,000 baht per person
A private day trip on a 33ft. luxury cruising catamaran: 16,000 baht per person
A three-hour Thai cooking class at SITCA: 1,800 baht

Prices accomodation koh samui


Basic small Thai-style hut near the beach: per day 700 baht
Small family-owned brick-built bungalow near the beach: 700 baht – 1,800 baht per day
Furnished studio apartment in a condo (Replay) close to the beach: 450 baht per day, if rented for one month
Budget resort/hotel, room in a block: 700 baht – 1,200 baht per day
Mid-range resort/hotel per day: 1,500 – 3,500 baht per bungalow or room
High-end resort/hotel per day: 4,000 – 25,000 baht for a villa or suite
Mid-range private villa per day: 1,500 – 15,000 baht per villa (2 – 3 bedrooms)
High-end private villa per day: 10,000 – 50,000 baht per villa (3 – 8 bedrooms)
Exclusive private villa per day (3 – 8 bedrooms)  40,000 baht – 150,000 baht

Prices on samui - pampering


Haircut for men: 100 – 300 baht
Haircut for women: 200 – 500 baht
Highlights for women: 1,000 – 2,000 baht
Hair plaiting/beading: 500 – 1,500 baht
A manicure or pedicure: 300 – 600 baht
Small butterfly (etc) tattoo: 1,500 – 2,500 baht
Large tattoo: 5,000 – 15,000 baht, depending on size and style
A 1-hour Thai massage at a beach sala: 250 – 400 baht
A 1-hour Thai massage at a high street massage shop: 350 – 600 baht
A 1-hour Thai massage at a mid-range spa: 450 – 800 baht
A 90-minute oil and herb massage at a high-end spa: 900 – 1,500 baht
A 3-4 hour package at a high-end spa: 2,500 – 5,500 baht

Koh Samui ATMBits and pieces

Withdrawing from a foreign card at an ATM: 200 Baht

Basic Android touch-screen mobile phone from Family Mart: 599 baht (check that this phone is good for ‘internet’, too. Use that expression as many Thais will not understand ‘data’.)

Local SIM card: 49 baht. Including 50 baht free airtime, voice calls and texting
Added data package to access the Internet: anything from 199 baht to 999 baht (limited to 1 month)
AIS Traveller package: 3 SIM cards with data access plus 7 days free local calls between the SIMs: 459 baht

NOTE 1: If your personal cell phone is locked to your internet provider then your only option is to buy a cheap phone to use while you are here. (When you leave it will make a good farewell present for your favourite waitress or Thai friend.)

NOTE 2: the AIS ‘Traveller Sim’ promotion is available at Samui airport. There are 3 options, and one of them includes 3 SIM cards (each with their own phone number) and with free voice calls between the three SIM cards. Each SIM also has up to 3GB of data/internet use. The downside is that this is limited to a 7-day period. (This package is also available at AIS shops in Tesco Lotus and Big C supermarkets.)

NOTE 3: if you buy your throwaway phone and SIM card from a branch of Family Mart, one of the staff will set it up for you and register the SIM with a local service provider. Make sure you also ask them to set the language to English (or whatever).You then need to additionally buy airtime (100 baht, 500 baht etc) and ask them to also install this on the phone for you. Anytime you need more airtime, just go back and pay for it and have one of the staff install it. This is only good for stand-alone voice calls and text messages, and needs a WiFi connection to access the internet.

NOTE 4: Once you have set up your phone and SIM card, ask for an additional data package if you want to go online. (This means that your phone can work independently of the WiFi networks – ideal for travelling around or using Google Maps and thus being able to find your location if you go out on a trip or up the mountain.)

NOTE 5: In Thailand the over-the counter telephone data/internet packages are actually limited to a maximum of 5GB, even though the advertising information misleadingly describes them as ‘unlimited data’. This is fine for emails, Facebook, web browsing or using Google Maps. The ‘unlimited’ data package costs 999 baht, and when you have used this you need to top it up again, otherwise it will switch to using the ordinary voice account at the rate of 1 baht per minute without any warning, and eat up your basic voice-call account.(If you are only here for a couple of weeks then the 2GB data package for 199 baht is sufficient for most needs.)

Note 6: don’t try to use your data/internet account to watch movies. It will get you about 25 minutes of online movie streaming, and use up all your 999 baht data allowance in that time.

Samui sunset

Living the high-life

Renting a Harley Davidson: from 2,500 – 5,000 baht/day
Renting a Mercedes sports SLK convertible: 5,000 baht/day
Renting a BMW Z4 sports convertible: 5,000 baht/day
Private two-day sailing trip on a 33ft cruising catamaran with captain and staff: 80,000 baht
Private two-day sailing trip on a 30m Turkish gullet with captain and staff: 150,000 baht
A one hour photo-shoot with a professional photographer at your favourite beach: 4,000 baht
Helicopter charter: your helicopter will have to come from Bangkok or Phuket, so the estimated cost of a 3-hour tour to fly around the islands is between 400,000 and 500,000 baht