Prices on Samui

Restaurant koh samui

Prices on Samui

Here you will find comprehensive information about what to expect to pay for food, transportation, spa treatment, activities, excursions etc. during your stay on Koh Samui.

What can I expect to pay for things on Samui? So we’re often asked, ‘How much money do I need for my holiday on Samui?’

Well, how long is a piece of string? This depends entirely if you intend living large like a superstar, dining at fancy five-star restaurants, or living like a local and trying street food and roadside cafes. But, in order for you to plan your budget, we’ve compiled a list of what you can expect to pay for certain items, services and entrance fees so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Prices mentioned in “Prices on Samui” are estimates and intended as a guideline. We cannot be held responsible for different prices being charged to what is listed. This is not a comprehensive list of all there is to do on the island, but merely a taster to give you an idea on what you might pay. Please browse this site for the full list of what there is to see and do.

Restaurants at high-end resorts usually add on 10% service charge and 7% VAT. Tipping at small roadside cafes or street food stalls is not the norm. At a mid-range restaurant, tipping is appreciated but not expected, and the amount is lower than in Western countries.


Backpackers & taxi koh samui


Hiring a scooter: 150 – 200 Baht/day
Hiring a Suzuki jeep: 600 – 800 Baht/day
Hiring a Toyota Vios: 700 – 1,200 Baht/day
Hiring a Fortuner: 1,500 – 2,000 Baht/day

Petrol: about 40 Baht/litre

Taxi from Airport to Chaweng: 400 Baht
Taxi from Fisherman’s Village to Mae Nam: 300 Baht

Lomprayah Ferry to Koh Phangan (one way): 300 Baht
Lomprahay Ferry to Koh Tao (one way): 600 Baht

Seatran Ferry to Koh Phangan (one way): 280 Baht
Seatran Ferry to Koh Tao (one way): 600 Baht

One-way flight to Bangkok on Bangkok Airways: 3,750 – 5,000 Baht
One-way flight to Phuket on Bangkok Airways: 3,300 – 4,500 Baht


Shopping koh samui

Basic items from a supermarket or fresh food market

Big Beer: 35 Baht

Coke can: 15 Baht

Litre of milk: 34 – 40 Baht

Loaf of bread: 35 – 45 Baht

Bunch of bananas: 25 – 45 Baht

Pack of cigarettes: 60 – 90 Baht


Samui fine dining

Dining out at an upmarket restaurant

Average price for a starter: 150 – 300 Baht

Average price for a main course: 400 – 1000 Baht

Average price for a dessert: 120 – 300 Baht

Pizza at a mid-range Western restaurant: 280 – 350 Baht

Sunday gourmet brunch at Beach Republic: 1,500 Baht


Samui roadside cafeDining out at a Thai roadside café

Average price per dish: 40 – 80 Baht


Samui street snacksStreet snacks

Chicken satay: 15 Baht

Portion of fresh fruit: 15 Baht

Noodle soup: 40 Baht


Prices alcohol koh samuiAlcohol

Beer from a supermarket: 35 Baht

Beer at a cheap local bar or restaurant: 50 – 60 Baht

Beer at an upmarket bar or restaurant: 80 – 120 Baht

Cocktail at a walking street market: 60 Baht

Cocktail at a mid-range restaurant: 100 – 200 Baht

Cocktail at a high-end restaurant: 150 – 500 Baht



Samui Kayaking

Entrance fees and activities

Entrance to the Butterfly Garden: 200 Baht/adult, 120 Baht/child
Entrance to Coco Splash water park: 450 Baht/adult, 350 Baht/child
Entrance to Aquapark Chaweng: 200 Baht/hour, 350 Baht/half day
Entrance to Paradise Park petting farm: 300 Baht/adult, 100 Baht/child

Hiring a kayak: 200 Baht/hour

A round of mini golf: 100 – 400 Baht (depending on which course)
A round of football golf: 650 Baht/adult, 300 Baht/child
A round of ‘real’ golf at Santiburi Country Club including caddy and cart: 5,000 Baht

A day boat trip on the Naga to the Angthong National Marine Park: 3,950 Baht/person
A day trip kayaking in the Angthong National Marine Park with Blue Stars: 2,200 Baht/adult, 1,400 Baht/child

A private day trip on a 33ft. luxury cruising catamaran: 35,000 Baht

A three-hour Thai cooking class at SITCA: 1,900 Baht

A zip-lining tour: 1,700 Baht/adult, 1,100 Baht/child


Prices accomodation koh samui


Backpackers per night: 400 – 600 Baht per bungalow or room

Flashpacker per night: 600 – 1,000 Baht per bungalow or room

Mid-range resort/hotel per night: 1,500 – 3,000 Baht per bungalow or room

High-end resort/hotel per night: 4,000 to 20,000 Baht per villa or room

Mid-range private villa per night: 5,000 to 10,000 Baht per villa (2 – 3 bedrooms)

High-end private villa per night: 15,000 to 100,000 Baht per villa (3 – 8 bedrooms)


Prices on samui - pampering


A haircut for ladies: 200 – 400 Baht

Highlights for ladies: 1,000 – 2,000 Baht

A massage at a beach sala: 250 – 400 Baht

A massage at a mid-range spa: 450 – 800 Baht

A massage at a high-end spa: 800 – 1,200 Baht

A 3-4 hour package at a high-end spa: 2,500 – 4,500 Baht

A manicure or pedicure: 300 – 600 Baht


Koh Samui ATMBits and pieces

Withdrawing from a foreign card at an ATM: 150 Baht

Local SIM card: 49 Baht. Air time (top up): 50 Baht

Full Blackberry connection: 480 Baht/month

Basic Nokia mobile phone: 700 Baht


Samui sunset

Living the high-life

Renting a Harley Davidson: from 2,500 Baht/day

Renting a Mercedes convertible: from 8,000 Baht/day

Private two-day sailing trip on a 33ft cruising catamaran with captain and staff: 70,000 Baht

Private two-day sailing trip on a 30m Turkish gullet with captain and staff: 150,000 Baht

Two-hour private helicopter sightseeing trip around the Samui archipelago: 400,000 Baht

A one hour photo-shoot with a professional photographer at your favorite beach: 3,000 Baht