Romantic Thai Dining at The Height

The height restaurant koh samui at night

Reaching the heights’ can mean two things. Firstly, it can mean physically going somewhere elevated. And, secondly, it can mean attaining a high level of achievement. So when a restaurant is named The Height it’s usually for one or the other of these reasons. But, for this particular restaurant, it could easily be for both.

“… and when it comes to the food, you’ll definitely
be reaching the heights, too.”

The Height restaurant I’m talking about is the Thai restaurant at the stunning Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, in Laem Nan. And to get there is easy. As you’re nearing Lamai on the ring-road, coming from Chaweng, just take the first concrete road on the left past the landmark IT Complex and follow it a kilometre to the very end. You’ll pass other resorts along the way, but nothing passes Silavadee. And that means it’s very peaceful and private up there. And if you’re in the Lamai area or if you’re a group of four or more anywhere on the island, free transportation both ways is provided.

The resort is set on a hillside and the pathway from the reception leads you down a hundred metres or so to The Height restaurant. Come for a drink before it’s dark and you’ll see that it looks down upon its own picture-postcard beach. Although it isn’t technically a private beach, no one else has access to it by land so it just as well might be!

The HeightAnd the contemporary-style restaurant has areas for every requirement (and weather situation!). At the top there are two air-conditioned sections, seating 24 and 8 respectively, and these are most attractive with high vaulted wooden ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows all around creating a spacious atmosphere. Go down a short flight of open-plan stairs and you’re on an expansive open-air terrace that can seat a further 18 (these are quickly snapped up when the weather’s fine so be sure to reserve a table here if that’s where you’d like to be). And descend another level and you’ll reach a bar with terrace seating for a further 18 on one side and a large cigar lounge on the other.

“The superb Thai menu is prepared by a culinary genius, and that’s Executive Chef Vicky (Khun Suravichit Auttiya) – a true master of his craft.”

Wherever you are, you’ll be looking out to the sea and feeling the peace and calm that only comes from being in such a beautiful natural environment. Of course, you could come here with your friends or family, but there’s a certain something here that induces a feeling of romance.

And when it comes to the food, you’ll definitely be reaching the heights, too. The superb Thai menu is prepared by a culinary genius, and that’s Executive Chef Vicky (Khun Suravichit Auttiya) – a true master of his craft. Hailing from the Esarn region in the north-east of Thailand, Chef Vicky’s has had an amazing 30-year international career which has taken him to Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, China and Austria before returning him to Thailand top resorts in Phuket and Samui. When it comes to this nation’s world-famous cuisine, chefs just don’t come better! And here are a few recommendations of his dishes.

The height restaurant koh samui daytime

From the appetizers section, I’d like to personally suggest both the Som Tum Thai which comprises spicy green papaya salad, roasted peanut, cherry tomato, beans, garlic and chili served with baked mussels, deep fried chicken wing, and garden vegetables, and the Yum Hoy Shell – grilled scallop with lemon, chili, lemon grass, coriander and mint leaves.

And they’ll certainly set you up for the main course dishes, and for that I’d particularly recommend the Gang Phed Ped Yang – roasted duck in red curry with coconut milk, grapes, pineapple, tomato, red chili and sweet basil leaves, the Aeb Pla – baked fish with Northern Thai herbs, vegetables and chili sauce, and the Southern Thai speciality, Gang Pa Gai Baan – a hot and spicy curry with wild home-reared chicken.

And I’ve left some space for a dessert, as you should, too! Various ice-creams are available, but what better way to finish a wonderful Thai meal than by trying one of Thailand’s famous sweet dishes. Go for either the superb Bau-Loy – dumplings in coconut cream, or the Sticky Rice Mango – fresh mango and sticky rice served with coconut milk and sesame seed, and you won’t go wrong!

Yes, The Height and Silavadee have a real gem in Chef Vicky, and if you want to have an evening of International cuisine (and be amazed yet again!) do try their superb Sun Moon Star restaurant, but that’s another story – that you can read here.

The Height restaurant is open from 5:00 pm with the kitchen closing at 11:00 pm

For reservations, free transportation and further information telephone   +66 (0) 7796 0555

The Height restaurant at Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, Lamai

Laem Nan, Lamai
Tel:   +66 (0) 7796 0555
Fax:   +66 (0) 7796 0055

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