Something Special – Silavadee is a name that means dining magic, whatever the occasion!


While you’re here, there’ll be at least one occasion that’s special. It might be St. Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary or even simply that you want to celebrate the last night of a memorable holiday. And you’re surely spoiled for choice – Samui is a gourmet’s paradise, after all. But here at Samui Holiday, we pride ourselves at picking out those little hidden gems; the ones that aren’t trying hard to get much-needed customers, or showy with neon and dancing troupes out on the main road. And this time it’s the turn of Silavadee Pool Spa Resort.

Although not out on the main road, it’s easy enough to find; it’s right on the Chaweng side of Lamai, not far from the big hill that runs between the two. And anyway, a quick Google will soon map it out for you. There must be something about this serene little bay, as Silavadee shares its rustic access lane with no fewer than two other exalted 5-star names. And, like several other of the top resorts, it just delights in understatement.

One little surprise (and I’m sure it’s been done on purpose!) is the reception area. It’s actually sitting right at the peak of the hill. And as you walk up to it, it looks quite modest. When you’re in it, though, you’ll realise just how elegantly understated it is – especially as you then look down onto the immense estate of Silavadee, cascading in luxuriant terraces down the hillside to the sea below. It’s all very discreetly tucked away; the group of golf carts sitting alongside reception will give you the clue to that! Hidden below are actually four restaurants.

SilavadeeTheir fine-dining Thai showcase restaurant sits alone, right up at the top of the vista, hence the name ‘The Height’. And then there’s a very subtly-designed block just a bit lower down. When you head to the excellent ‘Moon’ restaurant, you’ll have no idea about this – it’s all staggered and landscaped so you’d never guess. Moon is an essay in cool woods: the glare of the outside sunshine melting comfortingly into the air-conditioned space of a large timbered room with a whole wall of glass at two sides.

Above Moon there’s an exclusive open dining terrace, with just four tables, that has the appropriate name of ‘Star’. It’s split-level . . . the raised part has laid-back sofas in the middle, with a bar and a row of stools at the edge looking out to sea. But the actual dining area itself is a couple of steps lower. And each of the four well-separated ‘tables’ are slabs with bench seats (covered with cushions) that are actually sunken into an infinity pool – they’re all set inside and within a long, low pool which runs the length of this terrace. This has to be one of the most spectacular dining spots on the island, especially
around sunset. This is the place to go! This place is something special!

SilavadeeNeedless to say, there’s an excellent à la carte menu in place. It also goes without saying that it features imported specialities, such as the Australian sirloin and ribeye. Even the lobster that’s brought-in live from Phuket takes some beating. But the Wagyu Tenderloin (MB6, with a choice of seven sauces and 12 sides) just has to be sampled – it’s so delicate it falls off your fork. Although, if it’s the Wagyu – or the lobster – that takes your fancy, then your special night out is already decided!

SilavadeeSilavadee is running a special feature – it’s only available up under the stars, in the delightful Star. And it highlights a choice of one of two set-menus for two people. You can go for the ‘Phuket Lobster’, which kicks off with an appetiser of poached king prawns with a salad of ripe mango, rocket, and crispy ham. The following soup is Bouillabaisse (seafood), and the lobster itself is pan fried with onion mushrooms and rich cream cheese, and served with butter rice and lime wedges. Dessert? A wicked chocolate mousse.

Alternatively there’s the succulent Wagyu beef, mentioned above, although this time it’s served with truffle sauce and roasted potatoes. But to start with you’ll savour the pan-fried fois gras with apple wine, followed by wild mushroom crème soup with truffle oil. And, if there’s room, you’ll be forced to languish over the molten chocolate with vanilla ice-cream and fruits, for dessert.

SilavadeeAnd, just to add the cream to the cake, so to speak, – even the lower floor of the restaurant ‘block’ will soon be re-vamped into a lovely lounge – the ‘Sun Lounge’, where you can also opt to dine.

The setting at Star is simply sublime, but get there around sunset and maximise the enjoyment with sundowner cocktails. Although you absolutely have to book your place, as there are just four tables and they are much in demand – because Silavadee Pool Spa Resort is something very special indeed!

Rob De Wet

For reservations or further information, telephone 0 7796 0555.