Treats at the Terrace – The Passage Samui is the ideal location for romantic dinners and more besides.

the passage samui

The Terrace has geared up to offer all manner of food and drink that’s been expressly designed to woo romantic couples, honeymooners and the just-wed. The beautifully situated restaurant is the ideal choice for many who come here seeking a relaxed dining experience in a maritime setting.

It is located at The Passage Samui, between Nathon and Bang Po, a tranquil stretch of coast that guarantees peace and calm. In addition, the resort is set a good half kilometre down a windy little lane and is remote from all traffic. There are no in-your-face signs suggesting you take that turning, and no pretension once you arrive at your destination. It’s quiet during the day, but once evening comes a hush descends over the entire area, which takes on a stillness of its own. The Passage is chic in an understated way, and has a subtle glamour of its own. People love staying here – it’s very easy to feel totally at home here within a few minutes of arriving. Staff are friendly and welcoming, and if you’re a repeat visitor, they’ll certainly remember you from your last visit.

The Terrace consists of an open-sided dining room that’s spacious and elegant, as well as extremely comfortable. It opens out to, yes, indeed, a terrace, a favourite place to sit and watch those beautiful sunsets – the restaurant and beach both face due west. There are also views of the picturesque islands of the Angthong Marine Park in the distance. It’s a wonderful place for a cocktail or long drink while you gaze out at the magnificent views as the day fades, and the stars come out.

The restaurant has also recently gone through an upgrade, and the culinary team have prepared new menus with romantic couples in mind. The restaurant excels at both Thai and Mediterranean style cuisines, with everything served completely fresh. And when it comes to seafood, that of course means that the fish is fresh off the boat – it’ll have docked just along the coast at the fishing port of Nathon.

And with Samui being an enormously popular wedding destination, the team here works closely with couples to make their dining dreams come true when it comes to wedding receptions. Everything can be decided by email and Skype sessions in advance of the big day, so that all’s ready well before the couple arrives on holiday. The wedding team can offer packages to suit most requests, but plenty of times what’s called for is unique, and needs to be tailor-made. The team excels at preparing individualized events, and can accommodate every request; they can put together unique reception menus so that theyreflect the dreams and desires of the couple, right down to the last canapé.

The Terrace also offers a selection of romantic dinners, and though there are menus for these, the chefs and their team are extremely flexible and consider all their diners’ requests; the restaurant shines very brightly when it comes to putting together an evening for guests that’s going to be truly memorable.

But you don’t need to be coming here to celebrate a romantic occasion. Any excuse will do, and regular day-time and evening dining offers plenty of delights; you’ll find pastas and salads, soups and curries; all the favourites that Thai cuisine can muster and just as many that are international. And at the end of your meal there are some extremely tempting desserts that are just waiting to be tried. The restaurant has plenty of new and old world wines too, with a range of prices.

The restaurant is in the hands of a duo of versatile chefs, Khun Akaphong Lorwong and Khun Wanthanee Chootong. They ensure freshness, great choices and prime quality. Fruit and vegetables all come from trusted local sources on Samui, or further afield when necessary, and meats and fish are chosen with the greatest of care, ensuring mouth-watering tastes. The two chefs incidentally also run an on-demand cooking school, featuring favourites such as massaman curry, tom ka gai and yum talay, so that you can learn to make some outstandingly good food, once you’re back home.

Lunch offers a mix of both local and western dishes, so you might want to try a homely-tasting pizza or stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts. Then there are sandwiches and burgers, Thai soups and spicy salads. When it comes to dinner, The Terrace again offers both Thai and international dishes, and whether you’d like to enjoy a Thai seafood treat or a western-style steak you’ll find there are many options. In addition there are set menus which offer a huge amount of epicurean combinations. Depending on what you choose, you might end up with a mixed organic salad with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper served with homemade dressing, or grilled duck breast in red curry with eggplant, or a breast of succulent chicken, along with mushroom sauce, potato and vegetables.

How about something more Asian? You can opt for Vietnamese-style spring rolls with fresh herbs and vegetables or perhaps stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts and vegetables, and to finish deep-fried banana with ice-cream. There are a huge number of possible choices featuring an abundance of home-style Thai recipes that are prepared with love and expertise.

Not to be missed, dining out at The Passage means partaking in wonderful food and drink in an unbeatably secluded setting. Once you’ve admired those sunset views, get ready to be spoiled by a selection of tempting dishes and treats brought to you by a duo of talented chefs and their team.

Dimitri Waring

For reservations or further information, telephone 0 7742 1721.