Truly Memorable Dining at The Beach House

The Beach House

Some resorts absolutely ooze quality and style. And these are the sort of places that attract world-famous music and sports stars and even royalty. Needless to say, these resorts always have the finest restaurants imaginable where everything is just perfect. And that’s just the case here on Samui where you can enjoy the prestigious Santiburi Beach Resort & Spa’s tropical dining experience at their idyllic beachside restaurant which is aptly named The Beach House.

Santiburi is in Maenam and everybody on the island knows exactly where it is as it’s been the byword for fabulous luxury and super-service on Samui since it first opened 25 years ago. And the estate it’s built upon is huge. Just the drive from its entrance on the ring-road to the lobby takes two minutes! And once you’ve arrived, just let the friendly reception staff know that you’re having lunch or dinner at The Beach House and an electric buggy will immediately appear before gliding you through the glorious tropical ‘plantation’ and delivering you there.

Step off, and you’ll be greeted by a winning combination of smiling faces and a most beautiful tropical island scene of tall coconut trees swaying in the breeze, a pristine white sandy beach and a completely open-air restaurant to your right. And although The Beach House is truly expansive, boasting a 100-metre beach frontage, there’s seating for just 60 people in the various dining areas. Choose to sit along the raised wooden decking in front of the floor-to-ceiling windowed bar, the fresh seafood display and the open-kitchen (with its prominent wood-fired oven taking centre stage), or go for the more laid-back sail-covered beach area itself where you can kick off your shoes during the meal and feel the sand between your toes!

There are even sofas and cute ‘daybeds’ available where you can stretch out a bit with a drink before and/or after your meal. Dining at The Beach House is an unhurried affair and one that you’re encouraged to savour every single minute that you’re there.

In the daytime, the turquoise sea glistens through the palms as the sun speckles onto the sand and the deck and it is, indeed, stunningly beautiful. A perfect location for sampling one of restaurant’s light lunch dishes, such as a classic burger or a beef tagliata. And if you do go for lunch one day, it’s a certainty that you’ll be back one night for dinner. And it’s at night
when the candles are lit and the discreet spotlights are turned on that The Beach House transforms into one of the most romantic restaurants you’ll find – anywhere!

The Beach HouseThe cuisine here is surf, and turf, and surf & turf! And fully utilising their wood-fired oven and scented-charcoal grill, The Beach House prides itself on being able to provide that inimitable hint of a ‘smoky’ taste that completes the authentic surf & turf flavour every time.

Each Wednesday there’s a sumptuous buffet which alternates weekly between Asian Variety, Regional Thai and Surf & Turf, and for the rest of the week there’s an exciting à la carte menu available. In addition to that, there are daily chef-recommended specials which utilise the freshest-of-fresh seafood and especially imported meats. And whilst we’re talking of recommendations, both the amazing Surf & Turf Tartar comprising salmon and beef tartar with green asparagus and mushrooms, and the extra-ordinary Warm Pumpkin Soup with ginger ice-cream are great dishes to begin the dining experience at The Beach House.

“… and is renowned as THE place to go for excellent surf & turf on Samui.”

But the undisputed champion of recommendations is the restaurant’s top signature dish, the Tournedos of Beef & Tiger Prawns that are charcoal-grilled and come served with a fresh beetroot salad and crispy brie. There are very good reasons why The Beach House is renowned as THE place to go for excellent surf & turf on Samui, and this dish perfectly demonstrates every single one of them!

If (and that’s a big IF) you’re still hungry after all that, or if you simply can’t resist a dessert, then either go for one of their great selection of homemade ice-creams and sorbets, or just throw caution to the wind and order the ridiculously delicious Mango Basil Tower with sesame cigar roll comprising a sponge cake filled with mango and basil mousse. You might gain a couple of inches on your waistline but hey, you’re on holiday.

And those of you that enjoy dinner entertainment will be pleased to learn that on various nights there’s jazz musicians, DJ’s and fire shows, respectively – just call to find out what’s on and when.

Yes, with its fabulous location, super service and delicious cuisine, The Beach House is right up there with the very best restaurants on Samui and comes highly recommended.

The restaurant is open for lunch from 12:00 noon and for dinner from 7:00 pm with the kitchen closing at 10:00 pm.

For reservations (recommended) and further information, telephone +66 (0) 7742 5031-8.


The Beach House at Santiburi

Maenam Beach


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